Leonard Derrin

Age: 22

The man at the center of this tale. The third member of the hunting unit IV. Having only been a hunter for a short while, he lacks the experience of his fellow hunters. Nonetheless, he manages to do his job decently. Though he is quite laidback, he takes his job very seriously and would never do anything that would put it at risk.

He isn't as bright as most people, and due to a moment of ignorance he has been cursed by a lycan. Now he must do all he can to keep his curse secret from the other hunters while keeping up with the demands of his new master.

Daine Lunas

Age: 16

A troublesome girl and a monstrous werewolf. Daine is extremely greedy and does almost everything for herself. She is one of the more unusual types of werewolves known as the one-eyed lycan. Though at first glance she appears human, a single wolf eye is hidden underneath her hair.

Having recently cursed a hunter, she is more arrogant than ever before. With his help she plans to complete all of her alpha rituals and accomplish an important custom among her fellow lycans.

Cyran Antinous

Age: 26

The second member of Unit IV as well as the most experienced. He never seems happy about anything and always gives off a serious demeanor. He has been known to predict the future, an unusual skill that has come in handy on many occassions. Cyran is the person Leonard trusts the most, and through their time as hunters he has aided Leonard many times.

He is the only other person who knows about Leonard's new curse. He is determined to help Leonard be freed from his lycan master while protecting his secret from the rest of the hunters.

Michelle Grand

Age: 21

The first member of Unit IV and the unit captain. Her father is the founder of the hunting units. Though many people see her as one of the more cheerful hunters, she is also one of the most frightening. She is known to ruthlessly kill any monster no matter what the situation. Even with her reputation however, her role as a unit captain is often put into question. Many people believe she was given that position because of her father, not because of her skill.

Should she find out about Leonard's curse she would kill him without a second thought. Leonard must avoid her as much as he can in order to protect his own life.

Vince Shady

Age: 18

An extremely aggressive lycan and the soon to be lycan king. He has no qualms over attacking Leonard and will even kill him given the opportunity. Having lost the ability to fight back due to his curse, Vince has become a serious threat to Leonard.

Vince doesn't seem to be very fond of Daine and will ridicule her whenever he is around her. His presence is highly unpleasant for everyone, and it's recommended he be avoided at all costs.

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