Leonard Derrin

Age: 22 (8/3)

The man at the center of this tale. He's a novice hunter who joined the hunting Unit IV a year ago under unusual circumstances, and his life depends on him keeping his job. His world is changed forever after one bite from a lycan girl, and he now finds himself under her curse. Now he must do all he can to keep his curse secret from the other hunters while keeping up with the demands of his new master.

Daine Lunas

Age: 16 (6/30)

A troublesome girl and a monstrous werewolf. She is one of the more unusual types of werewolves known as the one-eyed lycan. With the help of a hunter she recently cursed, she plans to complete all of her alpha rituals and accomplish an important custom among her fellow lycans.

Cyran Antinous

Age: 26 (5/9)

The second member of Unit IV and Leonard's closest ally. He's the only other person who knows about Leonard's curse, and he's determined to find a way to cure him before the other hunters can find out. A strange spirit haunts his dreams and tells him of the future. One such premonition told him of his own death, and he seeks out the monster of his dream so he can kill it before it kills him.

Michelle Grand

Age: 21 (7/13)

The captain of Unit IV and the daughter of the man who runs the hunting units. Her skill as a hunter is unquestionable, but there are whispers of her only having her captain status because of her father. Though she's seemingly very friendly, she has the reputation of being ruthless to anyone who isn't human. Should she find out about Leonard's curse she would not hesitate to kill him.

Vince Shady

Age: 18 (9/17)

An extremely aggressive lycan and the heir to the lycan king. He's quick to pick fights with others and has the scars and bruises to show it. Due to his curse Leonard can no longer defend himself against lycans. With no way to fight back, Vince is a huge threat to him.

Kane Carper

Age: 16 (9/24)

An energetic boy who gets along with everyone. Constantly hangs out with Elaine.

Elaine Auburn

Age: 16 (9/24)

The young prodigee heir to the lycan queen. Constantly hangs out with Kane.

Blair Pines

Age: 38 (5/13)

She's very defensive over children and loves to take care of others. She's probably your mom now.

Al Pines

Age: 37 (6/17)

A sweet man who will always help you out. Rarely leaves the village.

Enna Hana

Age: 26 (12/16)

A young woman who works as a school teacher. She is either Kane or Elaine's omega lycan.


Age: 40 (3/8)

The lycan queen.

Gerald Grand

Age: 44 (6/11)

Michelle's father and the captain of Unit I. The founder of the hunting units.

Xavier Alexander

Age: 29 (11/22)

The captain of Unit II. A very tired man who struggles to stay awake. Joined the hunting units last year.

Clinton Barret

Age: 31 (11/25)

The second member of Unit II. He's considered the brawn of the group. Works best with his partner, Neil.

Neil Stokes

Age: 30 (10/17)

The third member of Unit II. He's considered the brains of the group. Works best with his partner, Clint.

Hadia Grim

Age: 25 (7/31)

The captain of Unit III. A nasty woman who's always unpleasant to be around. She has the highest kill count in the hunting units.

Raymond Foster

Age: 25 (4/20)

The second member of Unit III. He doesn't stand out much.

Ericka Lynn

Age: 23 (1/2)

The third member of Unit III. One of the smarter hunters and the one who does the most investigative work. She's currently investigating a serial killer.

Lance Campbell

Age: 39 (1/7)

The captain of Unit V and an old friend of Grand's. He only gets involved in very serious hunts.

Zachary Orion

Age: 40 (1/1)

A politician who was working his way towards becoming the new prime minister.

Janette Campbell

Age: 78 (10/26)

The current prime minister. She's responsible for the funding of the hunting units.

Shayle Gibbs

Age: 20 (3/21)

A witch who just stole a new body. She's looking for the lycans.


A spirit haunting Cyran. She gives him premonitions in his sleep.


A woman Leonard knew a long time ago.

Paul Shein

Age: 17 (2/2)

Who the hell is Paul Shein!?

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